Britain has no “leftover women”, some are just single nobles

According to statistics, the divorce rate in the UK has been declining for five years since 2012, even reaching its lowest point in 40 years.

The total number of divorce cases in 2018 was over 120,000, which was 5% lower than the figure of 130,000 in 2008. Figures also show that the number of divorces in the UK reached its peak in 2005 at about 150,000.

Experts analyzed that the reason why the divorce rate is declining is because people are not ready to marry until they are over 30 years old due to housing issues, income guarantee, and relationship stability of partner. Both parties love and feel very well with this kind of partnership rather than the role of husband or wife in law as they both have more freedom and less responsibility.

Figures released by the Office for National Statistics show that although the divorce rate of the British has generally declined, the divorce rate has increased for certain groups of people (ie, the couple who are over the age of 45). Professorswho specialize in gender relations explain that some older couples cannot tolerate a marriage that continues to be unhappy after retirement especially the menopause approaches. Men and women, especially men have sudden impulse to change even challenge somethings new like new girlfriend, new sexual attempt as they have been circled in old fashioned world for over two decades. We call all the above mentioned male group “the single nobles”.

How to remove stress and anxiety

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A romantic dating massage

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